A good night's sleep can sometimes be hard to come by.

Introducing the Bebitza BeSwaddle™

Revolutionary real-time breathing!

Miku's proprietary sensors require no wires or wearables and work with your smart phone to alert you of any changes to your baby's vitals and nursery conditions.


Made with real Australian superfoods, and essential vitamins and minerals. 


Paul Whale and Baby Heather's purflo®story began in 1994 when new parents Gail and Paul were concerned about news reports linking flame retardant chemicals in foam baby mattresses with SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Like all parents they only wanted the best for their baby, so Gail and Paul Whale decided to take matters into their own hands and designed their own fully foam free, fully breathable, fully washable mattresses.
Before it was introduced to the market, the purflo® mattress underwent extensive clinical laboratory research studies under the direction of  Professor Peter Fleming CBE, Professor of Infant Health and Development Physiology at Bristol University and an acknowledged world leader in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. 
Since its launch, the purflo®mattress has been the choice of thousands of parents in the UK and purflo®now extends to a full range of fully breathable, hypoallergenic products designed to give you and your baby a comfortable nights sleep. Since then they have extended their range and created various Purflo products that are all are breathable, air-permeable, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, washable and made with care – all reasons to trust and love Purflo.