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Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Tracks Breathing, Sleep Patterns and Nursery Conditions, Contact-Free. 

Miku is the world’s first baby monitor to track your baby’s breathing, sounds, and sleeping patterns with no physical contact and unparalleled accuracy using newly patented sensor fusion technology. No other monitor is a Miku.

Miku’s proprietary sensors require no wires or wearables and work with your smart phone to alert you of changes to your baby’s vitals and nursery conditions.

The Miku Baby Monitor streams real-time video and audio allowing you to see and hear your baby’s every move.

Custom dual Ole Wolff speakers and two-way microphone mean Miku not only plays original sleep sounds and lullabies, but allows you to talk to and comfort your baby on the walk to the nursery.

Miku works in real-time, locally, even when your internet connection is down. We don’t believe an internet signal should impact your ability to monitor your baby.

Track and graph your baby's sleeping habits allowing you to view your child's statistics with pinpoint accuracy and help you create an ideal sleep environment.

Capture the moments that matter. With Miku's sensory-driven video capture you can store unlimited photos and video on your smartphone.

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