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LittleOak Toddler Milk Stage 3

We have a 12 tin purchase limit - anything purchased over this will be refunded before your order is dispatched. Please contact us via email with any questions. 

Our award-winning LittleOak Stage 3 Toddler Drink is thoughtfully crafted to meet the
dietary needs of growing little ones from 12 months of age. 

Made with fresh whole goat milk straight from our New Zealand dairy, our all-natural
toddler drink is boosted with 16 essential vitamins and minerals . Fresh milk means
less processing, more natural goodness to truly nourish active toddlers.  

Naturally A2 and low in lactose, fresh whole goat milk is much more gentle on little
tummies and easier to digest. 

High in prebiotic oligosaccharides that feed good gut bacteria, helping support and
maintain overall health. 

World’s first toddler milk to be certified 100% palm oil free, with no canola oil, or
cheap fillers including maltodextrin, soya or GMO’s. Only all-natural goodness for
your family.