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Japoodah Original Weaning Bibs - African Fun

Our Weaning Bibs keep your bub spotlessly clean and dry PLUS protect the highchair and floor from messy spills.  Available in two sizes: the Mini and the Original.

The Original Weaning Bibis our larger size big that straps around the side of the tray but can also cover the entire tray.  It is the ultimate, most versatile food-catching bib that gives complete mess protection to bub and highchair. 

  • Save hours every week. Our bibs catch ALL the spills, saving you time cleaning up.
  • Soft, waterproof fabric that wipes clean with ease and is machine washable.
  • Comfortable, sleeveless design for hot climates.
  • Attachable sleeves (sold separately)
  • Fits huge range of highchairs, even those with large trays.
  • ADDED BONUS: our bibs convert into a waterproof apron

What's the difference between the Mini Bib and the Original Bib?

The Original Bib is longer: 68cm wide X 98cm long. It can strap around the tray, but is also long enough to cover the entire tray.

The Mini Bib is shorter: 68cm wide X 65cm long. It straps around the sides of the tray.

Do Japoodah Weaning Bibs fit all highchairs and can they be used on prams?

Our bibs fit all highchairs, including those with large trays. You can also use them on highchairs with no tray. And, they can be used on prams.

What are the Japoodah Weaning Bibs made from?

Our fabrics have been tested and approved for Australian Safety Standards. They are 100% polyester with a polyurethane waterproof backing.

What are the fabric care requirements?

Our bibs are easy to wipe clean and are also machine washable below 60 degrees celsius. They cannot be put in the dryer, but are fast drying.

Attachable Sleeves  (sold separately)