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Maternitea - ViriliTea – Male Fertility Blend

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An important part in nourishing men’s endocrine system. This fresh blend of fertility boosting ingredients also aid the pituitary, adrenal and thyroid glands, which are all involved in hormonal balance. By regulating this part of their body, men are able to produce better quality sperm for conception.

Don’t forget about him! ViriliTea’s ingredients support healthy male fertility.

Designed by our in-house team of nutritionists and dietitians, ViriliTea acts as a pre-pregnancy cleanse for him. This exclusive blend offers Dads-to-be the opportunity to boost their health and fertility prior to conception.

Many men find trying to conceive a stressful experience. There is increased pressure to perform as well as the added stress of medical procedures that some couples face. When taken regularly, ViriliTea may help to support men through times of high stress, normalising and even increasing reproductive functionality.

With ingredients including saw palmetto, organic green bosch, organic maca and tribulus terrestris, ViriliTea plays an important part in nourishing men’s endocrine system. The fresh blend of ingredients also aids the pituitary, adrenal and thyroid glands, which are all involved in hormonal balance. By regulating this part of their body, men are able to produce better quality sperm for conception.

This great tasting tea is delicious served hot or cold and is an enjoyable, caffeine free beverage for men who are looking to maintain a healthy body and an optimal reproductive system.

Oh, and one more thing… ViriliTea can also be a libido booster! Why not have a little fun while you’re working on extending your family ;)

Pyramid Tea Bag – 35 Serves

Infuse 1 tea bag per serve into boiling water
Allow to brew for 5-7 minutes
1 -3 cups per day

ViriliTea Ingredients

Saw Palmetto, Green Bosch, Maca, Tribulus Terrestris, Peppermint

Nutrient Properties
Phyto-sterols are plant-sterols that play an important role in lowering cholesterol, this promotes healthy circulation, blood-flow and blood-vessel integrity which are crucial in mens health and fertility. Phyto-sterols may help relieve symptoms of Benign-prostatic hyperplasia.
Fatty acids 
Fatty acids are essential for normal physiological functioning. Fatty acids are a component of cell membranes and assist smooth neurological signalling supporting cardiovascular and mental health.
Zinc is essential in male fertility, it supports healthy reproductive function and assists sperm-count and motility.
Powerful protectors, anti-oxidants boost vitality by inhibiting oxidation and cell damage, this protects DNA and RNA, assists motility and normal morphology of sperm.
Essential in supporting hydration and energy production, Potassium also assists the healthy function of your nervous system and is crucial for healthy heart and muscle function.
Magnesium helps build healthy teeth and bones. Magnesium is also important in many biological reactions and is essential for muscle relaxation, protein synthesis and the healthy functioning of the nervous system.
An essential mineral required for the proper function of many of the body’s processes, Calcium is required for muscle contraction, nerve conduction and regular heart rate.
Vitamin C 
A water soluble vitamin, crucial in the formation of healthy collagen making it a structural component of ligaments, tendons, blood vessels and bone. Vitamin C plays a large role in neurotransmitter function and Vitamin C deficiency can affect mood. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidants