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Japoodah Food Catcher Bib Set - Dinosaurs

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Designed by a mum of 8 children, this bib was created to be easy to put on and take off.  Who's got time to fuss around at mealtimes?

Originally designed for use in a hot climate, the lightweight fabric only contacts the torso of the child, allowing good airflow over his/her legs.

And, we've got you covered in winter, too!  To make your life even easier, every Japoodah Bib comes with matching detachable sleeves so you can keep ALL of your child's clothes clean at mealtimes!

Finally there is a solution to messy mealtimes!  The waterproof Japoodah bib literally catches all of the spills!  It fastens around the back of the highchair and secures around the front, either on top of the tray, or underneath.  This keeps it firmly in place and creates the most effective food catching pocket you'll find.  

Cleaning up after mealtime has never been so easy!  Simply roll it up, shake it out, and wipe it clean or put it in the wash. 

NO MORE MESSY: clothes, legs, floor, highchair seat or tray! 

  • Soft waterproof fabric

  • The food catching pocket catches all of your child's spills

  • Option of securing the bib over or under the highchair tray

  • Universal fit

  • Wipe clean or machine wash

  • 73cm wide x 98cm long

  • Converts to an apron

Food Catcher Bib Set Includes:
  • Japoodah bib
  • Detachable sleeves
  • Apron neck straps
  • Extension strap
  • Complimentary wet bag