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Isoki Finley Crossover Bag - Two Tone

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Looking to downsize your nappy bag….The Finley Crossover bag, is the bag for you!

Perfect for mums who no longer need their big nappy bags any more the Finley Crossover bag features two separate pockets so you can have a pocket for mum and a pocket for bub. The classic lines and style of this bag make it look like you are walking down the street with a handbag not a nappy bag. The Adelaide is black with a soft feel, and rose gold hardware!


•External back pocket for easy storage.
•Conveniently shoulder strap for hands free, on the go mums.
•Two distinct separate pockets so you can keep bubs stuff on one side and mums on the other.
•Includes small padded change mat

Size: 28cm (w) x 22cm (h) x 8cm (d)