BAMBOO NAPPIES - Medium: 6-11kg | 80 pack

Outrageously soft, clean and green. Developed by experts to be 100% free from harmful toxins, Wham Bam Boo Nappies and Nappy Pants are the all-natural way to care for baby and the environment for future generations to enjoy.

Made from planet-friendly organic materials, the feather soft lining and slim line tabs offer long lasting absorbency with no leakage to keep baby drier, healthier and happier.

We're raising the bar in clean eco!

Wham Bam Boo is all about Eco-quality. Ecology like nature planned it. Quality like customers demand it. Our corn-based wetness lining, forest friendly wood pulp inner and sustainably grown, soft bamboo bio-fabric means our nappies break down in 10% of the time of regular petroleum-based plastic nappies. We're the sustainability people, committed to making our babies world safe into the future. Wrap them in clean, green fun! 

Our outrageously soft, clean, green nappies offer the highest eco-quality on the market. They're 100% toxin free and made from feather-soft, organic, planet-friendly materials. Our slim fit design offers long lasting absorbency and no leakage for a drier, healthier, happier baby!

Size: Medium 6-11kg

80 per Pack